Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi had launched in Japan on October 2008. It will be soon releasing in US on April 5th and Australia on April 2nd 2009.

The New Nintendo DSi is thinner and lighter than the old Nintendo DS Lite.

It also offer a bigger screens (just by 0.25 inches bigger) and a better speakers for music and sound effect.

What really new is the 2 x VGA 0.3 megapixel digital cameras. One pointing inward to the user and another pointing outward from the outer casing. It provide fun tools for photo editing for your capture photos. So far no games were written for these features. I wonder if they will be.

Anyway the downside is the battery life is 5 hours lower (assuming both set to lowest brightness) than the old Nintendo DS Lite which run for 19 hours.

To fight piracy, homebrew flash cards for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite are incompatible with the DSi to date.

DSi like the Wii has the ability to connect to online channels and software updates too.

To see a detail review of the DSi, you can read here.

Is there any DS fan around here?


Jcee said…
I have a DS lite for a long time already. But haven't play with it for a while, no time and no new games.
Anonymous said…
I am still a PSP fan. Nintendo is a bit passe...
LEon said…
I only like pokemon, mario and zelda games.

I'm a PSP owner as well. :)
Mario! said…
I have an original model DS. I passed on getting a Lite and will probably pass on getting a DSi. The new features aren't enough to make me shell out that much money when my old DS still works just fine.
LEon said…
That make prefect sense. :) Thanks for sharing.
RiP666 said…

maybe i will borrow my friend's nintendo...hehe
still prefer toys than game

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