NECA Ryu Review by phantomzone Part 2

The brutal battle continue...

Isn't NECA Ryu a bad ass? Thanks phantomzone for the review to be publish here.

You can get a NECA Ryu here.


Juliana said…
Wow, the fight sequences really show off the dexterity of NECA Ryu! Can you help to ask phantomzone if NECA Ryu really stands steadily on one leg in the "K.O. Ken" photos? :)

Thanks phantomzone and LEon for the creative entertainment! The poseability of NECA Ryu is great, though I prefer him a little slimmer :P
Juliana said…
Ok I just read phantomzone's reply to yesterday's posting. NECA Ryu doesn't need any added support after all, just balance :P

His joints have to be tight to support that bending back upper body weight in the "K.O. Ken" photos! :)
GregChai said…
nice one bro, i like the arragement ... creative you should have shot a video scene of the sequence cool bro. :D
LEon said…
Thank you. phantomzone is the man. :)

Thank you. All credit goes to phantomzone.
Jcee said…
LOL it's too violent!!! hahahha just kidding, nice photoset!
Awesome posting! NECA Ryu definitely look more muscular and fierce in comparison with SOTA Ryu. Ryu must have gone through intense training getting himself ready for Street Fighter 4.
LEon said…
Fighting is always Violent. LOL

The game designer had given the character of Street Fighter generally bigger in size. Maybe because they are older and like you said went thru more intense training.
Tommy said…
Nice action fight here. Ryu is really a bad ass.
RiP666 said…
hohoho Neca Ryu is the best, I plan to buy this stuff later...

how about revoltect Ryu??
I never knew that NECA was capable of such great articulation...if only they used it more on there pop culture & movies figures!
LEon said…
Are you a fan of Ryu also?

I have no know anyone does Revotech Ryu review yet. Maybe you can start one?

Maybe since it is for street fighter, they may put in better quality. Then again Ryu is bulky so the joints are stronger? What do you think?
Yeah...what is the use of Street Fighter figures without good articulation. Come on NECA use those articulation on the other figures and you will dominate the 6" figures market!!
desmond said…
Where is my favoutite Ken??
LEon said…
NECA so far is quite good in their 6". if they can brush up their quality of the toy, they will be the lead in no time.

That one have to ask phantomzone. I'm not sure if he bought Ken or not. Hehehe
Bubbashelby said…
You do an excellent job with the framing and posing in your shots! Great direction!
LEon said…
Yes, phantomzone did a great direction. We can expect greater stuff from him. :)
Shaun said…
I think NECA did a great job in capturing the likeness of the SF4 likeness, though I read that some collectors find it too stylised.
LEon said…
Yes NECA did a great job for the male character which look exactly how the character look like in SFIV. However the female character is another story. Do you agree?

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