25 March 2009

NECA Ryu Review by phantomzone Part 1

We have the honor to have phantomzone to do his review on his NECA Ryu right here @ OpentheT0y! It's so good, it come in two parts!

Warning: Picture intensive and Hardcore fighting.

You may click on the picture below to read the dialogue clearly.

Continue here.

You can get a NECA Ryu here.


KazeTora said...


The NECA ryu looks awesome... do they have sagat version for that?

LEon said...

So far no news on Sagat. The Neca Ryu design is base on Street Fighter IV version. I'm hoping NECA will do sagat and he have to be taller than Ryu.

Juliana said...

Wow those are very neat fighting sequences there! Poor SOTA Ryu getting thrashed twice this week! :P

Btw, how do you make your SF figures stand firmly, like the "round 1" and "2 hits" photos? Do they actually stand on their own while in those kicking poses or did you put some hidden support? :)

LEon said...

Good question Juliana. I am equally puzzle too.

That question have to ask phantomzone who done up this review. We have to wait for him to answer that. :)

KazeTora said...

Hmm... if I'm comparing SOTA Ryu with SHFiguarts and Revoltech, they can stand on one feet. And judging from the proportion of Ryu which is similar to a Gundam, I think that's possible.

For the 2 hits, SOTA Ryu can easily "hitch" on NECA Ryu's knee which stands firm :D

How, phantomzone?

desmond said...

Great review and have funs there!!

Kris and Nadia said...

oh my.. how creative :) i didnt knw neca ryu and sota ryu? :)

phantomzone said...

hi there, phantomzone here, first of all thanks a lot to leon

for putting my short reviews in his blog ^^ really appreciate it...

also, thanks for enjoying these pics, i had so much fun doing it anyway :)

for juliana, nope i didn't use any support there, just balance :)

i love to play with my figures, sometimes try some crazy poses

without using any support, see how extreme the figure can get,

kind of out of topic but i did make my revoltech kenshiro stand only on both of his fists XD

about sagat, as leon said, no news for now, wave 2 of neca street fighter figures will be

akuma, chun li and guile, which i'm really looking forward, to do another review comparing

sota guile with neca guile hopefully i can use some of my extra time to do this again,

leon will be the first one to know :P

thanks again leon!! ^^

LEon said...

You are most welcome. The pleasure is all mine. Looking forward for your other toy review esp Guile. Sonic Boom!

Jcee said...

Hmmm...this figure looks pretty good. I received a comment on my blog about the new NECA's with improved articulation, I am guessing these are the ones. The mix of details and articulation is very attractive!

LEon said...

Yes Jcee. The one review by phantomzone here is by NECA. You thinking of getting Ryu and Ken?

RiP666 said...

wow...that's make me think want to buy one of them

Jcee said...

I actually went to check the comic store right after, but they were sold out! lol people must have seen this review!

LEon said...

Go and get it. For the price it is worth it.

I'm not surprise. phantomzone did a good review. :)

George said...

Nice reviews regarding the comparison between Neca's and Sota's articulation!

Now Im definitely convinced to buy NECA's!

LEon said...

Hope you get your NECA Ryu soon? You getting ken too?

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