M.A.S.K. Project, We need your help!

I had a conversation with a dear friend - who is a faithful reader of this blog - that he wanted to complete his M.A.S.K toy collection. Like me, he had fond childhood memories of his toys but somewhere between growing up and moving around, he lost all his toys. I can truly understand where he was coming from.

As he is starting his M.A.S.K. toy collection from scratch, completing the entire collection is one BIG task. Now, my friend has had some unfortunate experiences with purchasing toys from auction websites as the condition of the toys was not what was promised when delivered. So, I have decided to take on a blog project to document his quest and dealings and also to create awareness for the toy community. In short, I need your help to fulfill the wish of this new toy collector friend of mine!


From the horse's mouth: "To collect full set of M.A.S.K. series 1 to 3, as much as I can." So that would be full set of the following:
Series 1 MASK
Series 3 MASK Split Second

How should the condition of the toy be?
It does not matter if it is sealed or without the box. As long it is complete and everything is working as it should be, that will be good enough for him. He is trying to fork out as little money as he can spare to fulfill this dream.

How can you help?
Specific information on where to get it would be a start. You can do so by providing lead as comments or simply email me.

As for Sellers, please email me with your email address, Contact details and the M.A.S.K toy(s) you want to sell. I will then email back to you requesting a digital photo of your toy (No photo touch-up please) and your asking price.

If the Seller is in Singapore (that would be ideal!), an arrangement will be made to deal. After confirming the condition on delivery, cash will be pay in full.

Rest assure that we will not be reselling the toys as this is strictly for my friend's personal collection. We will not cheat you and neither would we want to be cheated too.

Whenever my friend completes a collection, I will submit an entry and hopefully a review here at "OpentheToy".

Please help me to spread the news around for this project. I thank you for your participation in advance.


Ming said…
I don't know anyone selling M.A.S.K stuff, but this is a really cool idea! I'll keep reading to hear of his collecting adventures.
LEon said…
Thanks Ming for your blessing. I'm waiting for news and on a looking out.
Juliana said…
I saw some on sale at CSC sunday market 2 weeks ago, both loose and in their original boxes. But I don't know how much they were.. hope this helps a bit though :)
Jcee said…
That is really nice of you to help a fellow blogger out. One suggestion, post some pics of what the toys look like. Maybe some people don't know what they are (like me) and may happen to pass by some lol
LEon said…
Thanks! I will let my friend knows. I wish I got the seller contact tho... Hope the seller is there weekly.

As my friend is look to collect the whole series, that basically cover everything. He has zero to begin with.

I have found a link with all pictures at http://www.virtualtoychest.com/mask/mask.html
Borneo Falcon said…
Talking about MASK, I had complete collection for series 1 (with exception of Boulder Hill). A handful of some in Racing Series but none for split second.

I posted some of those in my blog last year. You can view it under categories "MASK".

However, none of them are for sale. It is my "treasure"
LEon said…
Thanks for your sharing Borneo Falcon. :)
I don't must about M.A.S.K but have seen the cartoon when I was a kid. Have seen a few of the toys sold @ fleamarket.

I think this is a very cool project that you are doing.
i'll keep my eyes open when i'm going to my favorit shops. ( junk shop shops and other shops that sell second hand produkts for low prices)
once i found 20 lp and ep from Iron maiden for 10 euro's.
any other request.

LEon said…
Thanks. Can you let the seller of the fleamarket know about this search project and hopeful he can contact with me. I need you guys to spread the word around.

Thank you very much!
LEon said…
@the dutch purple rabbit
Thank you nynke. :)
Hope to hear some updates from you. You may email me directly at http://www.contactify.com/5d524 .

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