How RSS save our valuable time

Normally I will post this entry at my other blog regarding blogging but I would like to share it here for you.

I have a community of blogs I follow, most of them are my fellow followers of this blog. As the number increases, I spent a lot of time daily to visit each blog for updates. In most cases, I will get there disappointed as there isn't any updates. Although RSS was around, I didn't really get the most out of it until I read about it in full detail.

Since I have a google account, I started to use Google reader. That save me a great chunk of my time. All I need to do is to click on the subscribe RSS link on that blog and it will add that into my google reader. Whenever I log in my google account, updates of the blogs I subscribe to will be updated flagging for me to read. If I choose to comment, I simply click on the link to go to the actual blog to comment. It easy and you can unsubscribe at any point of time.

Subscribe my RSS to show me some LOVE!!

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Subscribed already!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis! :D
Tommy said…
I'm also one of your loyal subscriber here :D I hope you do the same.

Google reader have really help me to easily get updates from thousands of blogs that I'm following.

I also written a post at my blog about RSS too.
LEon said…
Yes Tommy. I read that post of yours and I got you updates. :)
Dora said…
Cute RSS icon! ;)
LEon said…
Thx Dora. Good to hear from you again. :)

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