Guest Writer for the Next Dragonball Tuesday!

For the next Dragonball Tuesday, we have a guest writer! He will be sharing some of his Dragonball insights and it would be fun! So stay tuned on the next Dragonball Tuesday here on OpentheT0y!

Surprise that I having a Guest writer next week? Well I was just looking for Dragonball fans who grew up with it to share their experiences and passion and it just happened. I thought it would be fun.

So if you are a Dragonball fan who wants to write about Dragonball, showcase fan art or share your Dragonball toy collection or review, you can send your content or link with short write up. Once selected, you will be informed and your article will be publish on Dragonball Tuesday as a guest. Don't worry, I will still be sharing Dragonball too!

You may join us on Dragonball friendfeed!

It's happening! Kamehameha!


Kris and Nadia said…
wow.. im not yet watch the dragonball evolution.. :) guess i'll be a reader la :)
RiP666 said…
i will be a reader too...^^
LEon said…
@kris & Nadia
Go watch it! It's entertaining.

Thanks for your support. :)
Too bad I am not a fan of Dragon ball. Would love to be a guest reviewer on your site!
LEon said…
It would be my honor to have your review publish here bro.

Maybe you can do some paper toy of the Dragonball movie character like you did for your watchmen. XD

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