26 March 2009

GTA Chinatown Wars is everywhere

A decent surprise as I was making my way to my Chinatown during the weekend, I saw this colorful GTA Chinatown Wars advertisement poster at a MRT (local subway) station.

Later I saw the same poster at another MRT station. Man that get me excited. However it remind me once again I'm going to miss this game all together as I do not own a NDs.... :(

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Snark said...

Hmm, can't say I'm a big GTA fan, so I think I'm going to give this one a miss.

By the way, I'd like to propose a link exchange!

LEon said...

Sure thing Snark, since your blog and this blog have much in common. Let's exchange. :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

If you are think of getting a DS Lite, you should wait. A newer slimmer and wider screen version is coming.

GTA is a nice game. Running around and causing rampage! Ha! Ha!

LEon said...

Dennis the newer DS lite you referring to is the one with the camera?

I'm saving for a Wii 1st. Hehehe

RiP666 said...

wow...i hopes my brother will buy this game

LEon said...

if he does, do a review please.

cosmicbaby said...

More reason for you to get a NDs

Tommy said...

GTA chinese style? Sound awesome!

LEon said...

I plan to get a Wii 1st. :)

More like GTA Amercian Born Chinese style. LOL

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