GTA Chinatown Wars on DS

Yet another good reason to own a DS.

Released on 17 March 2009 and set in Liberty City, Chinatown Wars tells the story of a power struggle within triad gangs. Huang Lee, a son of a crime-boss who has been murdered returns to Liberty to undertake his father's business and seek revenge. Typical story.

Like most GTA games, missions include car-jacking, fast driving, attacking people and not being apprehend by the local law enforcement.

Since it is on the DS platform, in some parts of the game, you are required to use the touch-screen to do things like switch weapons, aim before hurling projectile-type weapons and hot-wire cars.

You may expect to be a Grand Theft Auto, to steal a parked car is piece of cake? You ain't see nothing yet. In this game to steal a parked car you have to complete a minigames such as enter an immobilizer PIN or hot-wiring the car.

There are many vehicles to choose from and like the former GTA, some of the vehicles has it own minigame such as being a Taxi driver for cab, a cop chase for police car, save a life to pick up a injured person for ambulance and so forth.

A new element in DS version is Drugs. It is kinda ripped off from Dopewars. I know many had opposed this new element but the same game (Dopewars) was already in the market (not to mentioned freely distributed).

For GTA fans and DS owners, this could be a game that you want to play just for fun. Of course you have to be of age to play this game.

PS: So Jcee don't tell me you bored with your NDS no more! >_<


Jcee said…
This looks better than I expected. When I heard of it, I thought it was going to be like GTA 1 & 2 on the PS1/2(?) with the overhead view. I will try it on in May, exams are coming up in a few weeks! Yikes!
LEon said…
Ya. It is better than I expected it too. Please give a review after you play the game. :(

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