31 March 2009

Dragonball Kai

For Dragonball Tuesday, this is going to be a special week for Dragonball Fans.

5th of April, coming Sunday in Japan! 20 years of Dragonball remake! Hope it is good...wait, I'm sure it will be good! Remove all the filler please!


Jcee said...

Wait, so they are going to re-air the series?

LEon said...

Not really re-air it. It maybe new drawing but same story but shorter as they cut off some fillers I suppose.

KazeTora said...

What kind of fillers?

LEon said...

The original anime are not in line with the manga (comic) as such they are many fillers inserted. Fillers are parts that never appear in comic and does not affect the movement of the original storyline. They normally use this to buy time so the manga can continue until anime catch up with them.

Some of the fillers I recall would be Goku on the way to training in another world (between heaven and hell) running on a long dragon road and got hit down to hell and encounter some demon.

RiP666 said...

I am waiting

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