Double Dragon

In the late 1980s, we had our first family computer. AT 10MHz Processor with an EGA monitor. One of the PC game that my brother and I get together was Double Dragon. We would squeeze and share the same keyboard (one on each side) and played in two-player mode.

The game was not that easy but after few hours of practice, we managed to beat the game. We did not stop there, we replayed it. We played so much that we knew where, when and what will happen. The last boss' machine gun fired at regular timing and we managed to master the rhythm to avoid attacks and beat him up cold!

The PC Version look like this on EGA.

The game was so popular that it came out in games arcades and some game console versions. The cartoon shortly followed.

Somehow the cartoon didn't connect with me. I was actually turned off by the ancient Chinese magic part which was not found in the game.

At it's peak, they made a movie. Classic 80s pop culture and great special effects of that time I must say.

I still remember the PC game best.

Anyone played Double Dragon before? I kinda missed that game... I found a link for the Dos version of the game here.


cosmicbaby said…
ah... great memoies!
Some stuff are best left as a game :)
Mario! said…
I played it in the arcade sometimes, but mostly I remember Double Dragon from the NES. It's a classic series, definitely.
Jcee said…
First vid not working!

About the game, I am not really sure actually. Was it ever on the gameboy? I remember playing games that look similar.

My first gaming system was the NES, I remember playing Dragonball Z and Ultraman games on it haha.
LEon said…
I fully agree with you.

Different game console do have some difference in game stages sometime.

Yes. Gameboy have it. Part 1 and 2 somemore.
jameswong said…
Hi Leon,

I'm dropping by - you sure have an interesting blog! I've subscribed it under Google Reader.

LEon said…
Thx James. I have done the same. :)
Played the game and watched the cartoon before. But never know there was a movie on Double Dragon. Great information Leon.

It was really an awesome game played on old skool Nintendo console!
LEon said…
You are welcome Dennis. I don't remember playing this game on Nintendo. Maybe played too much Contra and Mario back then. LOL.

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