31 March 2009

Ten years of The Matrix

A double entry today because it is a special day...

Ten years ago today, The Matrix was out in the theaters and it left its mark in the history of science fiction movies. I'm pretty sure many of us have watched the whole Matrix trilogy at least once. If you didn't, you don't know what you're missing out. I love the 1st movie which I watched over and over again for about 10 times.

As for the Matrix toy, I only got hold of 3 from Kubrick: Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. I got them as I find them really cute and cool. All 3 of them are not the rare ones but they are good enough for me.

What do we remember best of The Matrix?
The ground breaking ideas and the "Bullet Time" motion of Neo dodging the bullets was the first one that pop to mind.

Trinity did some cool slow motion shooting too.

And Morpheus, doing what he does best. Always delivering deep and heavy speeches which sounded cool in part 1.

However this is my personal favorite and was in part 1.

Among the Trilogy, "Matrix Reloaded" seems to be the least popular of them all. Partly because it has to do with the part of the journey to the Architect. Many got lost in what the Architect was trying to say. Personally I was put off on the part where Neo and Agent smith fighting scene in a neighborhood compound. The CG was really poor.

Anyway since I have the toys, I will make some attempt to recreate the memorial scenes in Matrix Reloaded Please excuse my limited resources. Hehehe

We will start at the part where Neo flew with all his might to the mainframe from Matrix Reloaded.

Alas, he is closing on the Architect...

Back by popular demand...L as the Architect! (Actually I don't have Kubrick Architect, that's why got L as a replacement..) :P

Keeping to the script...

Since Matrix does not have a happy ending, I created one for Neo and Trinity. Everybody loves a happy ending right?

It has been 10 years... A decade, quite a long time...Shall we have a 10 years old birthday cake for them?

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the Matrix as I do. That is all for today. Good Night everybody!

Dragonball Kai

For Dragonball Tuesday, this is going to be a special week for Dragonball Fans.

5th of April, coming Sunday in Japan! 20 years of Dragonball remake! Hope it is good...wait, I'm sure it will be good! Remove all the filler please!

30 March 2009

Best Toys Optimus Prime/Nemesis Prime Mobile Command Base Trailer

Stand by Transformers fans! Coming in May, Best Toys is coming out Command Base Trailer for Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime.

Optimus Prime Mobile Command Base Trailer will fit nicely with Classic Optimus Prime.

The silver trailer, with its very own roll-out Drone, can accomodate a regular Classic Deluxe Transformers.

It can also be fully opened to expose everything inside.

Nemesis Prime on the other hand has his own Nemesis Command Centre Trailer in Black which also comes with his own Attack Drone.

If you own one or both of the above figures, it will make prefect sense to complete your collection with a trailer!

Now what is lacking is Ultra Magnus Trailer... A White one will do just fine, Best Toy?

Street Fighter Trading cards

To wrap up the Street Fighter week, I am going to share a few vintage Street Fighter Zero trading cards of my collection. I wonder anyone kept them as well.

First of, Akuma aka GouKi. The front was landscape which the back is in portrait format. All about Akuma. At the lower right hand side of the front card, there was a logo of Akuma in shinning clrome effect.

Next was card of the four characters: Fei long, Cammy, Deejay and Tomahawk. The back of the card had a comic strip of Dhalsim in japanese. Cute.

I have this Chunli in the same series. Both side are in landscape. At the back of the card was her background story in Japanese with her attack and defense power for card game playing but I failed to know the rules. Anyone know how this is being played?

Overall I really like the cute drawing of the card. I only have these card in my keeping now.

As we come to the end of the Street Fighter week, I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to make this Street Fighter week a sucess.

I hope you guys enjoy the entries. Any feedback are welcome here. :)

29 March 2009

Quiz: PhotoHunt #3 Answer

Here's the answer for this week Quiz. Click on the picture of bigger picture.

Congratulation to the winners:

Juliana & sei.mn

Hope you guys have a good Street Fighter Week!

28 March 2009

Street fighters Capcom Gals collection Gashapon

To continue our Street Fighter week, it is fair to do some coverage on the ladies of Street Fighter.

Some years ago, Capcom came up with a Gashapon (capsule) series of Capcom gals and I was fortunate to get a hold of some of them. The Street fighter ladies on show here today are mostly from Capcom gals collection series 2.

Since it is Street fighter week, it is only fitting to review the street fighter ladies here and leave the other Capcom gals out.

First is Sakura. A 16 years old school gal who a big fan of Ryu resulting her mimic Ryu fighting style as hers.

When she first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2, she was a popular character for many players.

Next is Elle aka Juli. In some ways, she does look like Cammy...

But I have no recollection of her. Thanks to KazeTora for telling me she is Juli from Street Fighter alpha 3.

How can we forget about Chun Li, the first female character in Street Fighter?

She is strong and sexy. A master of her own art. What is she doing in the photo, I have no idea...

My best guess is she was doing her "inverted hurricane kick". If that the case, she should be inverted like this...

Maybe she is charging her Ki or something. Better not mess around with her...

Ibuki appear in Alpha series and was favorite of mine.

She is skilled in the art of ninjutsu as a trained assassin. In this series, they featured her standing on a rock.

She is such a beauty to behold.

Let's have a group photo, Ladies.

I know some of you must be wondering what happened to Cammy? Oh! There she is.

Cammy, what are you doing?



I think let's keep that between you and me. This Cammy figure was from the series 1 of Capcom gals collection.

That wrap up about the ladies of Street Fighter which I owed. So who's your favorite ladies in Street Fighter?

27 March 2009

Quiz: PhotoHunt #3

For Street Fighter week, a photohunt for the Quiz this week! As usual, spot 5 differences in the picture below. You may click on the picture to enlarge.

The first one a dead give away (don't tell me you can't spot it at one glace...) but the rest could be tricky. :D

If you cannot find, here is the answer.

26 March 2009

GTA Chinatown Wars is everywhere

A decent surprise as I was making my way to my Chinatown during the weekend, I saw this colorful GTA Chinatown Wars advertisement poster at a MRT (local subway) station.

Later I saw the same poster at another MRT station. Man that get me excited. However it remind me once again I'm going to miss this game all together as I do not own a NDs.... :(

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NECA Ryu Review by phantomzone Part 2

The brutal battle continue...

Isn't NECA Ryu a bad ass? Thanks phantomzone for the review to be publish here.

You can get a NECA Ryu here.

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