Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou

Hurray for Haruhi Suzumiya fans! Haruhi Suzumiya game is out on Wii! It is about dancing. It is called Wii 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou and it is out since 22 Jan 2009!

Join the SOS brigade and dance to your heart's desire. After the airing of the TV series, numerous people have learned to dance the steps to the song and demonstrated their talents in both small and large events. This is the reason why everyone is crazy about them.

Anyway you can join them in Wii! Just follow the cues on the screen and wave your Wii-remote control accordingly. If you manage to catch the cues properly, Haruhi, in full Hirano Aya glory, will pay you compliments, and if you did badly, she will scold you.

Here's the demo!

Look fun right?

Wait there is more! If you happen to get the exclusive Wii game, you can get a Haruhi toy from Revoltech - Fraulein.

I don't have a Wii yet...I want to get a Wii and PLAY Already! Anybody want to sponsor? :P


Don't know about the game, but I sure like the anime characters as well as the para para dance steps and fast pace melody. Very adorable!
LEon said…
Adorable is the word! :D You have a Wii?
Nope! I still in the age of PS2. Can't finish playing the game yet.
LEon said…
I still playing with my PS2 too. Much playing games is Orochi warriors 2. LOL
I like WWE Smackdown and Dynasty Warriors.

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