Quiz: What Game is it? #1 Answer: Dragon Ball Evolution

Did I hear someone guess Dragon Ball?

Yes the 3D video game is Dragon Ball Evolution.

Congratulation to Juliana, Nicolas Burki, desmond, Joshua and Dennis.

This game will be releasing on PSP somewhere in April this year. The movie by Twentieth Century Fox will be release on 13 March, 2009 in Singapore.

The movie is based on one of the most successful manga series around the world over two decades. It has more than 500 animated television episodes, 14 video games, 17 features and over $4 billion in related merchandise sales (Good for Bandai toy maker).

So how will Dragonball Evolution movie fare with the fans? Hollywood do has a way to remake famous Japanese functional characters. Remember Godzilla?

Enough said but let's wait and see if the movie bring us some pleasant surprises. You know like "The Dark Knight"?

As for the game, this maybe the only time you get to play as Chow yun-fat on PSP! Is that reason good enough for you?

As for the toys, there will be a couple of 4 and 6 inches with some actions. More news on that later (if it is worth mentioning :P). We shall see.


Dora said…
Wow wow! U're a game wizard. :p

Happy Ren Ri to U and ur family. :)
Jcee said…
Hmm...I am not really excited for this movie, mainly because there are many other exciting movies coming out this year (TF2, Salvation, etc). But the cast for Goku really have me scratching my head...I'll probably still end up watching it though lol
Kris and Nadia said…
yay.. wud it be funny?? :) cant wait to watch it :)
LEon said…
Im not a gaming wizard lah...

@Jcee and Kris
I will await for more movie review 1st before deciding to watch or not. :P
KazeTora said…
This is one movie I'm eager to review. I still stand firm to the word Evolution, tho~

People will understand this if they watch Kamen Rider a lot.
C.Alv.B said…
Cant wait for that movie.You know what? I've a list of movie to be release this year..hehehehe..as people know..I'm movie mania..
LEon said…
Wait for your review after you watch the movie. :D

Let me know your rating okay? :)
Tommy said…
The movie does really relate to the actual anime but Hollywood do have their ways with movies.

Chow yun-fat on PSP? lol

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