Quiz: PhotoHut #1

I have decide to do something new for the Quiz. Since I like Photohunt, I decided to do one up for fun.

I came across some good looking photos from Spök-spök and with his permission, I used one just for the Quiz this week! Click for bigger picture.

There are total of 5 Differences. Can you spot them? Do comment if you have found them.

Answer will be revile coming weekend. Have Fun! :)

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I spotted all 5 differences, any prize? Hehe!
Spök-spök said…
Hmmm... I have only found three differences so far... Have to keep looking.
RiP666 said…
i've found it, but i dunno how to explain it hehehe
C.Alv.B said…
) 1 packet of the candy no 'milk' word

I found one only huhuuuuu
This is tough! Kill a lot of my brain cells!
LEon said…
It may take sometimes tho. Some managed to find all 5 actually.
Hey my wife helped me to find all 5 difference le, hurhurhur...

1) Top 3rd pkt candy (green) - One have wording one without.

2) 2nd row candy 2nd pkt the jap word color is different - one orange one purple.

3 & 4) 2nd row last pkt - Milk word and the packing printing got difference.

5) Last row right hand box - one top got words another dun hv.

Any prize for me? Hahahaha
Marie Reed said…
What a great idea! I am a complete dud though! (but a sweet milk dud)
LEon said…
I wish I can hand a prize to you personally. but you have to pay for the shipping. :P Joking...if I got sponsor, perhaps I can give prices away.

Glad you like the idea. Hope you enjoy the quiz. :)
J@n!ce said…
I enjoyed playing those "Spot the difference" games since young. Do you know of any where I could download such games?
LEon said…
Hi J@c!ce, Im glad you enjoy the game. Apparently I do not know of any download games for PhotoHunt at the moment. If I came across any news, I will let you know. In the meantime, I will be doing some of such game in my weekly quiz. :)

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