Quiz: PhotoHut #1 Answer

Okay here is the answer. Click to see bigger picture.

Did you get all 5? Easy or hard? Let me know. :)

Btw thanks for Spök-spök for the usage of the picture. Those are really cute Plush toys and hopeful they will be out in S.E.Asia soon. :)


Jcee said…
Toooo easy!!!
Dora said…
Ai ya! I'm late for the quiz! ;p
Anyway, think i will miss out some also. Must really be very observant.

Next time, maybe u can have prizes for quizes? Ha ha. Perhaps, a packet of those snacks for the correct answers? :)
Super hard for me! Worse if only given a limited time to solve.
LEon said…
thx for your feedback. :)

QUiz normally will be on Thursday. Regarding prizes I'm okay but need some logistic esp some are non local reader. :)

The limited time is about 2 to 3 days starting with the day I posted. I will try to do a easy one in time to come. :)
RiP666 said…
good luck hehhehe
Wow...that was difficult!
LEon said…

Oh no...now I got mixed feedback... some said too easy while others said difficult! @_@||
Ha Ha...Maybe I just don't have the patience!

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