Patapon 2 on PSP

Call me slow but Patapon 2 Japanese game is out!

The story continues from the previous Patapon game where the boat was completed and they have set sail for new lands. However as they are on their way, there they were attacked by a kraken and washed Patapon to a new land. On that new island, the Patapon were attacked by the local tribe, the Kamepon. That open a new story and conquest. Interesting enough?

This new game includes over 90 new missions and over 500 items. As the stages increases, it also mean the number of bosses has increased as well. As the game is played much with rhythm, 2 more new rhythm was added making it to a total of 8 rhythm commands instead on 6 on the first game. The number of units also increases to 9 instead of 6. As for mini game, they added 2 more making it to 7 instead of 5.

If you have the saved game from the Patapon 1, you can transfer it to Patapon 2. The US or English version, it is expected to release on 05 May 2009.


GregChai said…
love the artwork. :D
Willie said…
90 missions are a lot. geee...
LEon said…
I like the artwork too. simple and nice.

Well some fans who play part 1 never have enough. :P

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