After the 15th day of CNY updates

Since the 15th days of the Lunar new year is over, it is time for me to change the my banner.

Apparently I recieved some compliment on my former banner. Here is it once again.

I will missed L too. Who knows, maybe I will be using L again in my banner to come.

Since I completed my Dinobot from animated Series, I decided to use them for my new banner.

Ya back to Green tone. Look good I hope... :P


Spök-spök said…
The new banner looks great!
Jaded said…
Looks Great. And I love dinobots.

They are one of the first few series that 5 or six bots can merge together to form another giant bot. Other top favourites of mine are Aerobots, Constructicons..
LEon said…
Thx Spök-spök! :D

Jaded did you get any for yourself?

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