Transformers Animated Voyager Class Hydrodive Bumblebee News

For animated Bumblebee fans, a voyager class is on the way. Meet Hydrodive Bumblebee.

He will be in Transformers Animated Voyager Series 7. Here are some questions that goes through my mind when I saw this piece of news.

What so special about this Bumbleebee?
Since it is a voyager class, does that mean it is Bigger?
Did this version of Bumblebee appeared in the animated series, ever?

Questions, questions and questions...

After carefully looking at the photograph(which I hope is not the prototype or digitally enhanced), here are my observations.

This Bumblebee is very different from the former Deluxe Class. Although the size remain the same(Deluxe Class), the mold and transformation are different. This could be the MORE Animated accurate version. Just take a look at the picture below for explanation.

  1. The chest of the new version is more accurate as the black line appear on the left side of Bumblebee chest. However the logo still is silver rather than red.

  2. Still on the chest of the new Bumblebee, hasbro gave him transluance blue window rather than a black paint. Nice touch.

  3. The new Bumblebee has the black line on his left foot unlike the old ones was on his right

  4. Notice the feet are different? The new Deluxe Bumblebee's feet is the same as the Activator Version, thus the transformation maybe different. If that the case, the transformation should be more simple

  5. Did the toy maker really outline the head with black marker of that toy? Although they did make it with translucence plastic eye

  6. His only weapon the stunner appear to be missing...I hope it is the photo...
Above four points already set me thinking of getting this version. However here are the factors that stop me from getting this figure.
  1. The rocket booster are now on the Hydro wings with blasting plastic effect. Can the rocket booster be able to fit the side of the vehicle mode like it used to be?

  2. Scaling again. Deluxe Bumblebee still look too big in vehicle and robot mode when he place with the rest of his team.

  3. I am not really interested with the hydro thingy because it fail to become a part of Bumblebee transformation like Samurai Prowl as an armor. It remind me more of Max Ray from Centurion tho.
For those who have not owed a Bumblebee, this could be a version you may want to get. If I found a good deal, I will get it too. Hehehe


Jaded said…
The Bumblebee is not an easy autobot to build, given the size (in the cartoon), it is very hard to have him well-ratioed and to be blend into the team in the correct scale.

Your observation on the differences are very in depth. Hope to see more Animated Transformers to be reviewed by you soon.

Willie said…
a bit funny la in cartoon
i always love bumblebee.. hehe
LEon said…
Thanks! I see your point but Bumblebee do come with a smaller size in Activator Class and it was so popular that it already sold out in the market. Reason? Because it was the correct scale with the rest. I will blog about that after CNY. :)
Splitzbz said…
Love bumblebee's character in the TFA series... btw the new body design body is for the new upcoming BB toy that you can view via the link below ""
LEon said…
Thanks for sharing. :)

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