Quiz: Who's that Toy #2 Answer: B) Starwars

Time to revive the answer for this week Quiz.

Question: Which of the toy line do you think the above toy is from.

A) G.I Joe (Cobra)
B) StarWars (Clone) Correct Answer
C) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Foot soldiers)
D) Terminator 4

Congrats to the Winners, Bracken and KazeTora for guessing it right.

I know many of you guess they are from Ninja Turtles as they do looked like having Ninja outfit but Star Wars? How far fetch was that? I know, I share your sentiment about "Originality design".

These toys are from Crimson Empire Crucible Set which is releasing soon. They are suppose to be trainee Royal Guards in The Dark horse Starwars Crimson Empire comic.

Like many of you, I didn't read the comic and I mistaken these guys as Foot soldier or some Cobra from G.I Jone. Here is my impression of these boxset anyway. :P

So for DIE HARD Starwars fan, look out for it this month. As for me, I still stick with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :P


good one!! U got me fooled!
Joshua said…
damn!...this quiz sure is a hard one!!

looking forward to more bro!
Bubbashelby said…
I had no idea what they were either.

Funny comic strip too lol!
LEon said…
@littlePlasticMan & @Spök-spök
Is the toy maker who gave me that impression...generally

Thanks bro. Next one will make it easier. :D

Thanks! The comic strip is what I thought when I saw the toy...
Jcee said…
Wow! They look nothing like what I'd expect in Star Wars! haha
Bracken said…
do KazeTora and I need to do acceptance speech? ^@^

it does look like a nice boxed set.
LEon said…
yep. The toy maker trying to be funny. :P

No need but if you want to you may. :) Congrats!

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