Quiz: Who's that Toy #1

It's time for another weekly Quiz. And for this week, it will be pretty hard if you are not a kid born in the 1980s. But for those who were, this could be a breeze.

The cartoon to me looked like a Japanese style cartoon due to the movement in the introduction but it was a US cartoon.

Still not enough hint? Oh come on, by looking at the silhouette you can see the answer already... If I did give more hint, it will be like spelling out the answer. Answer will be revile on coming weekend. :)

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Lion-O from Thundercats!
Bubbashelby said…
Yup...this one was too easy! :)
Jcee said…
What's Thundercats??? lol
KazeTora said…
It is a breeze, dude...

Thundercats are... a group of heroes that have cat-like face... and that guy Lion-O is their leader.. I think.

His characteristics is his sword can transform from a "kodachi" into a saber, hehehe, just by him saying the Thundercats mantra...

So, Leon, that's my answer as well... Lion-O. Thunder, thunder, thundercats!! Hoooo!!!


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