Quiz: Who I drew? #1

I managed to find sometime to draw. With no ideal what I wanted to draw, I started out drawing a person. Slowly I gave it an attitude and then I fit it to a character.

So for this week Quiz, guess who did I drew. Ready?

Do you need some hints? Come on I even added one of his line in the drawing.... Okay I will give somemore...This character had appear in 3 movie in late 1970s and early 1980s. He was made to a toy too (not only a few but many version of him)

So make that guess. Answer and Winners who guess correctly will be announce on Sunday Post.

Please don't tell me my drawing is so bad that you guys don't know who I drew... :(

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KazeTora said…
Euh... Han Solo?

That's a nice drawing, dude... like a manga version of him. God job!

Now, where's that millenium falcon...
KazeTora said…
Oh, btw, L... teach me how to draw... lol.
Juliana said…
Cool, it's Han Solo! :)
desmond said…
Han Solo, bro!!
Joshua said…


do make a rendition of his furball friend! chewie!
- i.r.v.i.n.e - said…
hey nice drawing! but looks like a kid version of Harrison Ford, Han Solo in starwars. haha
LEon said…
Wah! So many guess the same thing.

if the answer is not what you guessed, you still want me to teach you drawing? :P

Okay keep your answer coming. The Answer and result will be announce tomorrow. See if you all is correct or not. ;)
jujmo said…
sadly enough, that's not my photo. i usually just post random photography because it just inspires my own art work and all that mess.

i kinda have an idea of how they did it, but it's just time i don't have!
Jcee said…
Wow! You are talented! Looks good!
LEon said…
thx for your reply. :)

Thanks. You want to make a guess what i drew 1st? :P
C.Alv.B said…
Leon..teach me how to draw pleaseeeeeeee..heheheh..
Spök-spök said…
Han Solo, and it's a great drawing!
LEon said…
Thx! Drawing need some practice which take up lot of time, you sure you want to learn?

Anyway since a number of people asking, I may do a section on that... need to find time. :)

btw you never guess the character also. xD
LEon said…
Thanks! Is that your final answer? :P
Spök-spök said…
Hmmm, now you got me thinking... But I still think it's Han Solo. :)
Ashleyteng said…
seriously i don't know who is that! @.@
well 1970 and early of 1980... i haven't born yet =P prolly i can be excused.. =P
LEon said…
You make us feel old suddenly... :P

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