Quiz: Who I drew? #1 Answer: Han Solo

For a moment, I thought my drawing was that bad...Phwee.. I am so glad that you guys guess it right. :D

Answer, It is none other than Han Solo from Star Wars.

The movie line was spoken in "Star Wars, The New Hope".

Congrats to the Winners:
KazeTora, Little Plastic Man, Juliana, desmond, Joshua, - i.r.v.i.n.e - , Spök-spök.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragements. I will find time to draw more and will also share some tips from my experience. Hehehe


GregChai said…
xi wang ni he jia ren you ge fan rong de xin nian

xin nian kuai le
LEon said…
Thx for the wishes. Happy Lunar to you and your family too!

I caught you there didn't I. :P Thx for following Spok! :D

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