Chinese New Year 2009 Banner Updates

One more week and Chinese New year will be here. Since we are busying doing Spring cleaning, preparing new year goodies and decorating our homes, it make sense to replace my old 2009 New year banner to the Chinese new year theme.

Since I love L so much, I just did retouch to a Chinese New year theme

See anything funny in the banner? Hehehe

Are you in the Chinese New Year mood already or it has not hit you yet? HUAT AH!! 发啊!!


Willie said…
hehe happy new year
Joshua said…
nice banner bro!

really busy these days, and broke too.
molly said…
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Nice banner. I am too busy spring cleaning but not for my blog. I am so bored with my banner but can't do anything about it now.
Angie R said…
Hello Leon thx 4 dropping by! I really like your CNY banner. Gong Xi Fa Cai......:-)
Monica said…
I'm not ready for Chinese New Year yet :-D

love your banner, too!
Jcee said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Love the banner! But what's the green square on L's hat?
LEon said…
Happy Lunar new year to you too. :)

I also having budget as I have to pay some expenses for CNY goodies. :P

I have not really done my Spring Cleaning yet! :P If you need help in your banner let me know. :)

@Angie R
Thanks for popping by. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!
GregChai said…
Gong Xi Fa Cai, may the year of the Ox brings happiness, prosperity, good fortune, good health and lots of other goodness to you and your loved ones :)
LEon said…
Thank you. I hope you get into the CNY mood soon. :)

I'm glad that you ask about the green square on L's hat. It suppose to be a Green Jade that normally place on a chinese cap for good luck or prevent anything un-clean to come to the wearer. It's a chinese tradition thingy. Hehehe. I think I didn't managed to really do a replicate of a jade digitally...:P
LEon said…
@ GregChai
Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of the Ox brings good health and fortune to you and your family. Good traffic for your blog too! :)
desmond said…
Always love your banner. I nearly one year didn't change my banner as I have difficulties on that. Anyway, happy new year and gong xi fa chai!!
LEon said…
You love my banner because I never change much always use the same L cos I lazy to change much. :P No lah I actually like L toy very much.

Bro if you need help in the banner, let me know. see if i can help or not. Don't shy ya?
desmond said…
Leon - can give me your handphone no and send it to my hotmail at and I will give my number via SMS to you. Thanks!
LEon said…
I have emailed you already. :)
vishalini said…
HAVE A GREAT DAY...Hello Friend,i found your Blog quite intresting.Well i am Vishalini from india i'm also quite new to this blogging world.So now i am searching for my new friends.I hope you can be my one my friend forever.So i have added you in my blog roll.Hope you will also add me in your friends list.Anyways my dear friend happy Blogging....And stay in touch.Bye.
LEon said…
Thanks for dropping by. Stay in touch. :)
Daniel Ng said…
The banner is awesome...wishes you TUA HUAT & Gong Xi Fa Chai!
LEon said…
Thx Daniel, 大发 to you too! :D
As usual great banner! Love the bak kua!so cute
LEon said…
bro you are the only one who notice the bak kua so far I think...Hehehe How can CNY without Bak Kua right? :P
Dora said…
Yeah! Of course, I'm in the mood.
Nice banner. U're like a big kid. ;p

Thanks for visiting my site. :)
LEon said…
Thx! Yep I'm a big kid. xD
LOL...maybe I love bak kua...thats way I notice it!
LEon said…
I also love bak kua but now cannot eat too much, else FAT! LOL

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