Angel & Stitch YuJin capsule toy

Was outside ToyRus that day and I saw this cute Capsule for just S$2 for a go for Disney Stitch keychain. It was from Yujin and the they really look cute. As the percentage of getting a Stitch is quite high, 4/6 I manage to dig out 2 S$1 coin and gave it a go.

Ended I got Angel... Well since she look very much like Stitch I kept it. 2/6 should be rare right? :P

The toy in this series offer some action. The mouth can actually be open and close. Both limbs can actually shake as well. Not bad for a S$2 key chain.

Wait there is more! They even throw a logo of Angel...Wow...

But I still want a STITCH!..but Angel can do fine for now. :P


It is cute. I got Lilo and stitch figurines at home too after watching the movie.
Unknown said…
That 'Angel' keychain look creepy to
Spök-spök said…
that's an awesome keychain!
Dora said…
If it can also make some sound, that would be great for u! Ha ha.
LEon said…
I have another bigger stitch. Will review that later. LOL

Yes in a way but I like!! :P

Indeed and for S$2 is a catch!

Angel and Stitch "sama sama" only color different...both cute. :P

Good idea. Should suggest it to Yujin. :P
it will make a nice necklage. i love it.

the dutch purple rabbit. aka nijn82

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