The 2009 Resolutions

There is a saying, without a Vision, a man perished. I don't want to Live or Let Die. You know the aimlessly running on a treadmill like moving somewhere but is going nowhere. Although not every things we do need a purpose but it will be ideal to have at least a goal or a vision to keep life going. So what will be my resolution for 2009 for OpenTheToy? Where is it heading?

For 2009, I plan to add more Skin (nice looking design) and Meat (Fun Quality Content).

OpenTheToy had only been around for barely 2 months and I couldn't be more thankful enough for the continuous supporter/readers who share my joy with toys and games reviews. Your contribution, encouragement and regular visit kept me going. Knowing the limit of one man, I could use as much help as I can get to make it happen.

I do enjoy reviewing toys and games but as I have limited budgets (cause I need to pay my bills and mouth to fed), I could only review on toys that I can get my hands on. If you like my review and you have a toy for me to do a review to share with others, do let me know. I don't mind doing request.

Quiz was one fun thing which receive a number of positive feedback. I would crack my brain for more fun Quiz. Did I hear someone asking for prizes? Well if they are sponsor, we don't mind. Sponsor can contact me!! :P Let me see if I can find some ya?

If you have not notice, I tried not to add any advertising banners and Adsense or traffic type of widget here. Not because that I am not interested to earn some money but it really make the blog messy. The last time I did that, Blogger closed my blog deeming it was a SPAM blog... However I am open to advertising if the topic is related. You can drop me a comment to see if we work out somethings out.

Comic & Drawing
Another area I plan to go further into is to spend sometime on drawing short comics... Actually that was another hobby of mine but I have take the time to sit down and pen down drawing... Ah Procrastination....Man common enemy.... So don't be surprise if you see some odds looking drawing in time to come. :P

Selling Toys?
IF that day comes, most likely the toy selling will be open and during Spring Cleaning (Push reaction) and hopefully it was review..You know the "Been there, Done that, Took some photo" thingy? That would be in the column of Toy Sales...

On the other hand, if you read my reviews and felt in love with some figures, do let me know to see if I can part or I will look out for you in Singapore. If you are Toy maker and you want to sell your new toy, you are welcome here too.

So those are the areas I am looking into. Any suggestions? Did I missed anything? Or am I just dreaming? Hm... Singapore Dreaming...


Joshua said…
great resolutions bro....

and all i made for 2009 was a shopping list...LOL!
LEon said…
You got bigger budget that why yours is a shopping list. :P

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