29 January 2009

Quiz: What Game is it? #1

I guess many of us have been eating too much during the Chinese New Year season aye? I know I did. So the next thing on my mind is losing weight. What better way to lose weight than exercise right? I did! I ran, Jumped, Up, Down, Kicked, Punched and all that stuff... Playing video fighting game is fun! Hehehe

For the Quiz of the week, just do a wild guess of the game below.

No idea? Okay I give some more hint by showing one more pictures.

Still need some more hint?

Well this up coming game is based on a up coming movie for 2009. It is a adaption of a Japanese Anime and Manga (comic) for more than a decade. However nothing much really look or related the same except the names of the characters. Yes the name of the characters is shown in the screen shots(that's another hints for the fan).

Just give it a guess. Answers will be revive on the weekend as usual.

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27 January 2009

Angel & Stitch YuJin capsule toy

Was outside ToyRus that day and I saw this cute Capsule for just S$2 for a go for Disney Stitch keychain. It was from Yujin and the they really look cute. As the percentage of getting a Stitch is quite high, 4/6 I manage to dig out 2 S$1 coin and gave it a go.

Ended I got Angel... Well since she look very much like Stitch I kept it. 2/6 should be rare right? :P

The toy in this series offer some action. The mouth can actually be open and close. Both limbs can actually shake as well. Not bad for a S$2 key chain.

Wait there is more! They even throw a logo of Angel...Wow...

But I still want a STITCH!..but Angel can do fine for now. :P

26 January 2009

Gong Xi Fai Cai, Happy 牛 Year!

For the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, here is my greeting to you. :)

Gong Xi Fai Cai! May the year of the OX bring better income, cheaper goods, prosperity and progress for our nation...hey the last part sound familiar... Although it the year of Ox, that does not mean we have to eat grass right? :P

Ok enjoy yourself with your family and remember not to overeat and play mahjong too much. :D

24 January 2009

Quiz: Who I drew? #1 Answer: Han Solo

For a moment, I thought my drawing was that bad...Phwee.. I am so glad that you guys guess it right. :D

Answer, It is none other than Han Solo from Star Wars.

The movie line was spoken in "Star Wars, The New Hope".

Congrats to the Winners:
KazeTora, Little Plastic Man, Juliana, desmond, Joshua, - i.r.v.i.n.e - , Spök-spök.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragements. I will find time to draw more and will also share some tips from my experience. Hehehe

22 January 2009

Quiz: Who I drew? #1

I managed to find sometime to draw. With no ideal what I wanted to draw, I started out drawing a person. Slowly I gave it an attitude and then I fit it to a character.

So for this week Quiz, guess who did I drew. Ready?

Do you need some hints? Come on I even added one of his line in the drawing.... Okay I will give somemore...This character had appear in 3 movie in late 1970s and early 1980s. He was made to a toy too (not only a few but many version of him)

So make that guess. Answer and Winners who guess correctly will be announce on Sunday Post.

Please don't tell me my drawing is so bad that you guys don't know who I drew... :(

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20 January 2009

Starwars Takara Tomy Vinyl Collectibles Mini VCD Darth Vader, Darth Maul And Jango Fett

Good news for Vinyl Collectors and Star Wars fans. Takara Tomy is coming out 3 new Mini VCD from Starwars in April.

Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Jango Fett, all stood 135mm tall. Too bad Vader folded his arms and that leave him no weapon in sight. Don't expect it to have much joint articulation tho(Maybe not at all!!). However they definitely look great on display. Estimated Price should be about S$60 each.

So if you want to buy a Starwars cuties for display, buy these! Compare to the Mighty Mugg (which I think they are lazy using the same mold and paint 2D pictures), these win hands down over in term of looks and quality. Of course you need to pay a little bit more.

So Starwars collectors, Stand by.

19 January 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Banner Updates

One more week and Chinese New year will be here. Since we are busying doing Spring cleaning, preparing new year goodies and decorating our homes, it make sense to replace my old 2009 New year banner to the Chinese new year theme.

Since I love L so much, I just did retouch to a Chinese New year theme

See anything funny in the banner? Hehehe

Are you in the Chinese New Year mood already or it has not hit you yet? HUAT AH!! 发啊!!

18 January 2009

Transformers Animated Voyager Class Hydrodive Bumblebee News

For animated Bumblebee fans, a voyager class is on the way. Meet Hydrodive Bumblebee.

He will be in Transformers Animated Voyager Series 7. Here are some questions that goes through my mind when I saw this piece of news.

What so special about this Bumbleebee?
Since it is a voyager class, does that mean it is Bigger?
Did this version of Bumblebee appeared in the animated series, ever?

Questions, questions and questions...

After carefully looking at the photograph(which I hope is not the prototype or digitally enhanced), here are my observations.

This Bumblebee is very different from the former Deluxe Class. Although the size remain the same(Deluxe Class), the mold and transformation are different. This could be the MORE Animated accurate version. Just take a look at the picture below for explanation.

  1. The chest of the new version is more accurate as the black line appear on the left side of Bumblebee chest. However the logo still is silver rather than red.

  2. Still on the chest of the new Bumblebee, hasbro gave him transluance blue window rather than a black paint. Nice touch.

  3. The new Bumblebee has the black line on his left foot unlike the old ones was on his right

  4. Notice the feet are different? The new Deluxe Bumblebee's feet is the same as the Activator Version, thus the transformation maybe different. If that the case, the transformation should be more simple

  5. Did the toy maker really outline the head with black marker of that toy? Although they did make it with translucence plastic eye

  6. His only weapon the stunner appear to be missing...I hope it is the photo...

Above four points already set me thinking of getting this version. However here are the factors that stop me from getting this figure.
  1. The rocket booster are now on the Hydro wings with blasting plastic effect. Can the rocket booster be able to fit the side of the vehicle mode like it used to be?

  2. Scaling again. Deluxe Bumblebee still look too big in vehicle and robot mode when he place with the rest of his team.

  3. I am not really interested with the hydro thingy because it fail to become a part of Bumblebee transformation like Samurai Prowl as an armor. It remind me more of Max Ray from Centurion tho.

For those who have not owed a Bumblebee, this could be a version you may want to get. If I found a good deal, I will get it too. Hehehe

17 January 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #2 Answer: B) Starwars

Time to revive the answer for this week Quiz.

Question: Which of the toy line do you think the above toy is from.

A) G.I Joe (Cobra)
B) StarWars (Clone) Correct Answer
C) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Foot soldiers)
D) Terminator 4

Congrats to the Winners, Bracken and KazeTora for guessing it right.

I know many of you guess they are from Ninja Turtles as they do looked like having Ninja outfit but Star Wars? How far fetch was that? I know, I share your sentiment about "Originality design".

These toys are from Crimson Empire Crucible Set which is releasing soon. They are suppose to be trainee Royal Guards in The Dark horse Starwars Crimson Empire comic.

Like many of you, I didn't read the comic and I mistaken these guys as Foot soldier or some Cobra from G.I Jone. Here is my impression of these boxset anyway. :P

So for DIE HARD Starwars fan, look out for it this month. As for me, I still stick with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :P

15 January 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #2

Two more days to the weekend and it's time for another Quiz for the week!

Since last week I got feedback that it was too easy, I decided to do a harder one.

Look too difficult? Don't worry, I will give you some choices to choose from. All you need to do is log in your answer.

Question: Which of the toy line do you think the above toy is from.

A) G.I Joe (Cobra)
B) StarWars (Clone)
C) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Foot soldiers)
D) Terminator 4

Easy right? The answer will be revive on the coming weekend.

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13 January 2009

The Thundercats Effect

If I would list the list of cartoon in my childhood, Thundercats will be in the top 5. I would say back then it was the animation one of it's kind.

The Cartoons

What will you remember most of a cartoon? It goes without saying the starting intro of course. And Thundercats just hit on that. Watching that barely 1 to 2 mins intro will make a believer of Thundera out of you!

In that intro, the artwork, movement, screenplay and the theme song made one Master piece. The pace was quick, introduce the main characters with such energy. To top it of, it show the cool design logo at the end. I am certain many like me won't even want to miss the intro or got tired of getting excited all over again.

I came to realize that the animation was created by the a collective of Japanese studios and some of them later form Studio Ghibli. No wonder Thundercats story and cartoon was different from He-man which was more to the Medieval period.

The story and the characters were well planned. Somethings that almost never failed in every episode, you will get to see Mumm-Ra chanting the "Anicent Spirit of Evil" thingy for transformation and Lion-o doing the eye of Thundera thingy or the "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats" thingy. Well I'm not complaining. I looked forward to that as a kid so that I can do it together.

By the way, I only remember catching the cartoon on neighboring channel (TV3). I don't remember local SG channel aired Thundercats. Some body can confirm that?

The theme song
Thundercats theme song was one of the kind and George Lam, a popular Hongkong Canto Pop of 1980s did a cover on that in his Cantonese album and it was well received.

The Toy
Thundercats Toy was popular but it was as abundance compare to He-man. Maybe because SG channel was not airing the cartoon during period. Even if I did saw some, Lion-o were always missing as he was a hot figure. One of my Classmate did owed one and I got the chance to play with it for a few seconds...Lion-o the one that got away...

A handsome figure that comes with the Sword of Omen which had the eye of Thundera that give will produce the Thundercats symbol in the night sky. A Claw Shield... I don't want to know how a claw can be a shield... and a mini-power plug that will power-up and lightup Lion-o's eyes.

Action figure aside, nothing beats the fun of playing with the Sword of OMEN.

Doing the swinging of the sword pretending the blade will extend everytime you utter "Thunder". And finally to top it off with the lighting of the logo on the sword which was battery operated, it was every kid dream...

The Re-making
Not too long ago, Thundercats returned to comic by Wildstorm and I guess it was a starting of a revival for Thundercats.

That set the pace for the CGI animation which is schedule to release on the summer of 2010 by Spring Creek Productions. Fans, Let's cross our fingers that it will be as good as it's former glory if not better...especially the TOY!!

You want to know what is the Thundercats effect? Fill in the blank in the following.

When the Thundercats see the logo, they will say "Thundercats, __ !" Come on, you know you want it. :P See that is the Thundercats Effect... HO!

12 January 2009

Swoop Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Toy

It had been sometime since I review Transformers Animated toy. So over the weekend spend sometime to review another Autobot Dinobot, Swoop. It is quite a popular one for a Deluxe class and it's not surprising as I really like his bird design. Okay cut the talk short, on with the review.

Meet Swoop, the first of Autobot/Dinobot who can fly in animated series. Swoop is a Pteranodon and with his wings which can flap, it is one terrific toy for playing.

The mouth can be open and close too.

In flight mode, it look magnificent and graceful. Everything looked very much streamline.

Although with an open mouth, Swoop like Snarl never get to speak a line in the animated series...

You know somehow the red hood remind me very much of Woody woodpeacker. :P


The Transformation is really simple. You can't get it wrong. Straighten the legs to a standing posture. At this pose, it look like secret Alt mode which I really fanny.

Next just simply bring down the head and there you have it.

Robot Mode
Swoop look good in this mode too. Slim and fit all around. The wings are gracefully folded at his back.

Swoop's face looks kind of Grim than cool to me. However since he never get to speak, that looks fit him well.

Every dinobot had a weapon, so does Swoop. The designer gave him a morning Star. It look better than Snarl's weapon.

Does it really look fitting to him who have a skinny body? Logically the thin hands does not looked so powerful... And you can only carry the weapon in robot mode.

So how flexible is Swoop as an action figure? Let's put Swoop to the test.
Take a bow Swoop and show us what you can do.

Ah the Karate Kid Kungfu pose?

Do the Ultraman!

Do the Kamen Rider!

Do the Hulk Hogan pose! Yes flex those muscles of yours....*Rolleyes

Oh! He can also do the Baramut in Final Fantasy with fireball coming out of his mouth beak too! Awesome!

Isn't Swoop a cool toy? Swoop...What are you doing?

I guess that is why he is a non-talking Dinobot... Too Primitive...but strong in flight and fight.

In closing, this recent chinese proverb comes to mind.
有翅膀的不一定是天使, 也可能是鸟人.
Translation: A man with wings may not always be an angel, maybe is a Bird man (A man who only know how to talk but never get things done). :P

That kinda resonate something in life doesn't it? Hahaha

Have a great day!

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11 January 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #1 Answers Lion-o Thundercats

It's time to revile the answer!

Yes, many has got it right! It is Lion-o from Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats.... HO!!!!

It's not that hard isn't it? Guess that was too easy... So what was it that gave it away? The Sword right?

Somehow the Thundercats song is ringing in my head...
Thundercats are on the move, Thundercats are loose...
Feel the magic, hear the Roar, Thundercats are ..... Cool?
*BEEP!* I will sure fail if I go for the Don't forget the lyrics game....

Anyway more of ThunderCats later. Thundercats fan say HO!~~

09 January 2009

Quiz: Who's that Toy #1

It's time for another weekly Quiz. And for this week, it will be pretty hard if you are not a kid born in the 1980s. But for those who were, this could be a breeze.

The cartoon to me looked like a Japanese style cartoon due to the movement in the introduction but it was a US cartoon.

Still not enough hint? Oh come on, by looking at the silhouette you can see the answer already... If I did give more hint, it will be like spelling out the answer. Answer will be revile on coming weekend. :)

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07 January 2009

Bootlegs Toys, why are they around?

Do you find bootleg toys a nuisance? With inferior quality of plastic, bad paint job (sometime they don't even paint it) and bad "copycat" design, who will buy it? But they have been around as long as anyone can remember. We cannot deny the demand for bootleg in the market. The following are my findings.

First of, the demand of Toy market can be divided into three groups. The Collectors, Children and their Parents. These three groups are what Official and unofficial toy maker had in mind when they plan for their profits.

Marketing Strategies
Believe it or not, bootleg toy makers do have market strategies. They do not chose any toy to put into production but they study the market trend for the popular ones.

If they are have to match the price and quality of the original toy to cheat innocent collector, then they will even go to the extend to put in extra effort into mimic the packaging as well.

As a toy to them is for kids to play with and throw away later, they would choose cheap materials. With the costing in mind and the pricing for distributions, they begin the production.

You may think bootleg toys are a copied design but if you look closer, some of the design is a class of their own. Sometime they even came out with their own name for the bootleg figure. For the lack of action feature, they will be generous to throw in more accessories. If you want to talk about originality, the original toy makers use the same mold and repaint the figure and may give some new accessories and even renamed it as a new toy or character. So where is the originality in that? If the market can accept that, why not a bootleg figure?

It come in no surprise that bootleg making is a sizable industry. There would be a production line ranging from molding, painting, package design, packaging and logistic. They need skill workers for the job... okay maybe not the painters but other what about other areas like choosing the cheapest plastic, mold replication and package designers. Surely they need some experience workers and machine to do that?

Speculation such as a insider job of a original toy factory using the resources are not something new. Fortunately or Unfortunately, no one had verify the truth for such speculation.

Pricing and Availability
Now here is the bread and butter of why bootleg toy survive or even strive in some countries. It is about Pricing and the demand. To ignorance collectors, lower pricing is a big pull factor. While in some part of the world, some consumers never know the different between original or replicates as they have never seen a original never reach their shores.

Sometime original toy maker are not willing to venture the original toys as they believe the market is small and lack of profits. Sometime the pricing of the original toy are beyond general affordability that bootlegs becomes the ideal supplement.

As for the kids, they will never know and will not be bother to know if his toys is original. As long as the character had some resemblance of the characters he/she knows in cartoons or comic, they will gladly take it.

By the way, when we are talking about bootleg is not just boy toys like transformers but soft toys as well.

So end of the day, is bootleg toy a sin? You tell me.

06 January 2009

When Venom Meet Joker

There I was playing with Joker after the previous review on him.

Better not. I don't want my readers to have a scar on their face. :P

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