Transformers Animated at Takashimaya Event

Whatz up Transformers fan! Hasbro is currently having a Transformers Animated event at Takashimaya Singapore. Targeted at children, it is still entertaining for the whole family.

The event started on 9 Dec 2008 to 14 Dec 2008.

They have a game corner and lucky draw. So if you are good in transforming Voyager Bulkhead, you can have a challenge the record timing to transform Bulkhead from vehicle to robot.

Look fun right? But I think the game is for kids only...Just look at the timing record...

If you spend more than S$50.00 on Transformers, you can get a go for a spin to see what prizes you will get.

They have LIVE shows too. You can also get to meet and take photo with Optimus Prime and Bumblee Bee from the animated series.

Do you know that they did a transformation at the moment they make their entrance? The kids went wild.

They are some LIVE games during the showtime just for kids.

Photo taking is free by you provide your own camera.

What about Decepticon? Nothing of Decepticon there. Because Decepticon are EVIL (That what the host said to the kids). So Decepticon fans this may not be your cup of tea.

What about others Autobot? Nope. Just Optimus Prime and Bumblee bee. It quite a challenge for a human to dress like a transformers and do the transformation.

Btw I didn't get to take a photo with Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. I was too shy as most of them were kids...Anyway the showtime is as follows.

End of the show, Optimus Prime will say his famous line.
"Autobot Transform and Roll out!" (It was the G1 Optimus prime voice I think. Not the animated OP). :)


desmond said…
Thanks for your update, Leon! Will go there at weekdays..
KazeTora said…
The only weekday available for you is today, then. Haha.

well then, transform and roll out!
LEon said…
@desmond: you are welcome. must go there quick because weekend will be packed with Kids...

@KazeTora: you not going? :P
Maybe will catch you guys there! My nephew is crazy over the animated transformer! Guess what he is getting for Christmas!
LEon said…
@littlePlasticMan: Good for him! Encourage him to go on stage for the game. Can win some prices too. Nowadays, kids are just so lucky...
Ha!Ha! My nephew is lucky because he has a uncle that is crazy about toys!

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