News: Voyager Shockwave (Repaint) & Sunstorm Animated Transformers

I have been waiting with much interest for Transformer Animated Shockwave toy as he can change into 2 different robot (Autobot and Decepticon) and 2 different vehicles. Before I saw it on local retail, news has it that it will be a repaint and repackage it with Bumblebee activator. Same for Sunstorm (repaint of Starscream) with activator Ratchet. I welcome this packaging as I always like to have a activator Bumblebee.

Between the new darker color and the first version of shockwave tone of Grey, I think both look good. The repaint is more suitable for Decepticon. They claimed that the repaint is more closer to the animated series. Is that really so? Hm...


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