News: Jetfire, Jetstorm & Safeguard Transformer Animated Toy

A new release is releasing this couple of weeks on retail.

As far as I can remember, most Autobots are on wheel but now in Transformers Animated some are on wings. Jetfire & Jetstorm are selling both in one packaging (both are deluxe class).

I like the head. It look like wearing a goggle on his head and very much remind me of Sun Gokun. Like a fire monkey don't you think? The plane design on the other hand remind me of A-wings...

With a Cooling shade on, Jetstorm head look really icy cool. However I was reminded of Power rangers.

Finally the addition bonus (or what make it special) of these two figures.

The head look good for the two face thingy. However the toy does not give me a feeling of being one. Maybe because of the picture.

Although two combine to one, it seems there is no chances in height in robot mode. One part of the leg remain as a leg but the other transformed to be a hand.

On the side note, I found that Jetfire (Fire) and Jetstorm (Ice) are rather similar to Blitzwing who had both Fire and Ice (not including the crazy side) personality. Of course in this case, they both are two individual but they (Jetfire and Jetstorm) formed up to be Safeguard, another personality? Hm...

As both were not found in the animated series yet(not sure when or if they will), Jetfire and Jetstorm are a pair of good looking figures. As for safeguard, it really up to individual. After all, they are "one of the kind" currently in Animated toy series.

Hope to see them in the animated series soon. If they did, I think they will be under Elite-guard as they are wearing the Elite Guard Logo in the figure.


KazeTora said…
you're right... when they gattai... looks odd. But anyway, the jetfire reminds me of Wukong as well. But of course with the color scheme, I'm reminded of Rodimus Prime as well.

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