New Banner for the New Year 2009

A New year is approaching. Time for resolutions to be made. We know in life, there is only so much we can control and do. But we can Hope, Trust and Work hard for the better years ahead.

Since Christmas is over,it is time for me to change it with a New Year theme. I did a colorful one just to cheer up the gloomy economy. Stay Cheer man! :)

Happy 2009 Everyone. May the new year bring us better Health and Wealth.


desmond said…
I like your new year banner. Very colour and energetic kind of feelings. Hope our economic will recover ASAP!!
Lisa said…
Hi just reading your comments to my post.. Yes but my husband tried to register again and they accept my blog so I can use the ec again.. I try this when it last, lol
LEon said…
Thanks. More good years ahead. :P

Thanks for visiting. :)
~ Jade ~ said…
Hi Leon,
Thanks for dropping by. (^^,) Nice Banner.

Have a Blessed and Hope-Filled New Year!
LEon said…
Have a Blessed and Hope-Filled New Year too Jade.
EastCoastLife said…
May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009 Leon and family!
Hahahaha...I feel so happy after looking at your banner! Have a wonderful 2009 and may all your wants and dreams come true! Cheers!
LEon said…
Nice of you to drop by! May the new year bring you happiness, wealth and health to you and your family too!

Glad that make you happy. Have a wonderful 2009 to you and your family too! Cheers!
desmond said…
Happy new year bro!!
GregChai said…
Happy New Year :)
Nightwing said…
Helo Leon,

Thank you for dropping by.

U have a nice blog here...will check it out.

Happy New Year to you and ur love ones.
Monica said…
Hi Leon! I love your colorful header! Happy New Year to you too ;-)
LEon said…
Happy new year to you too

Thanks. Do come again and happy new year

Thank you. Happy new year to you too.

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