Midnight Club: LA Remix on PSP

After Grand Thief Auto, Rockstar came out a street racing game. Many of the tested formulas in GTA had added to Midnight Club: LA Remix.

The player can race on a relativity busy streets of L.A. The graphic is rich and realistic and the driving experience is smooth. You can drift, activate Nitro for speed boost and it even give the player special stunts like the matrix thingy that slow down time which increase your reaction time during the race.

Wide range of cars to choose from.

Some branded car which can find in the game include Ford, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many others. The difference between GTA and this game is that you have to earn your own money by winning the races to buy a new better car or upgrade your car.

They got Camaro 2008(BumbleBee in Transformers movie) as one of the vehicle.

Free roaming in the city with time and weather effect
You can drive around choosing your own race at your own sweet time. You get to find some secret packages around the city just like GTA.

Building your own Career

Being a street racer do earn some decent money. Some races do give prices like a free new ride for the winner. Your fame and driving experiences will increase as you win races which will unlock more cars and parts for purchase.

Mitsubishi Lancer.

Pimp your ride

The biggest attraction of the game should be customization. With variety cars and wide range of branded car parts, You can change the color, body kit and stickers.

BumbleBee Camaro 1974

BumbleBee Classic but this is a Ford not a Suzuki Swift.

Not only cosmetic, you can increase the performance of your ride too. They even have motorbike on sale.

A great game for portable console that offer good graphic, smooth game play and give hours of funs for travel. I bet the Adults car lovers will love this game.


KazeTora said…
this is the first game I have where you actually need to watch for the traffic... feels realistic in a way. And also there's no certain path for you to follow, can take those alleys and even malls...

Okay, now get to that red flag and crush that what-his-face once and for all....
desmond said…
This game is similar to Underground leh...
LEon said…
Desmond: I didn't play much racing game tho. :)

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