Starwars The Force Unleashed PSP

The latest Starwars game Force Unleashed was out in multiple game console. It was a game that promise good fight scene, visual effects and a good storyline. On PSP, it deliver what it had promised.

The story happened between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New hope". Darth Vader was wiping the Jedi out when he discover a one child who was powerful in the force. After killing the child father, he took him and secretly and trained him in the way of the Sith in hope to overthrow the Emperor with the child.

The story introduce some interesting characters such as Vader Secret Apprentice's love interest Juno Eclipse. Her voice reminded me of Lara croft and she was one of the experience pilot under the empire.

Another interesting character will be a droid named PROXY. He has the faithfulness of R2D2 and technically more advance than C3P0 as He can take on the form of the communicator and he took on Darth Vader in the game.

As Vader Secret Apprentice who is strong in the force had hesitation and frustration of who he wanted to be. Betray a number of times by the weak Vader who chicken out in the face of the emperor, Vader Secret Apprentice eventually had to make a choice which side he want to be. To take revenge after Vader who kill his father or for the greater good (take on the emperor). Both choices leads to different ending but Vader's secret apprentice will not escape his fate of dying so that Luke Skywalker would be the most powerful Jedi in the story to come.

In PSP, you get to have extra gameplay in the duel mode which allow you to take on Jedi and Sith level by levels. It won't be a fair fight toward the end of the level as you will be put into situation of two against one. However it would be fun to trash the Skywalkers. Father and son. If you are Vader Secret Apprentice, this is the only chances to wrack the living daylight of Luke who claimed that the force is strong in his family.

Duel mode also offer historical duel such as Anakin verses Count Dooku at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith and Anakin verses Obiwan at the end of Revenge of the Sith and more.

If you are bored in fighting Jedi and Sith, order an Order 66. You will face the wave of clone troopers throwing themselves to you with their blasters and Machine. If you survived the levels of raid, Darth Maul will be unlock for you to choose from.

This game is a great improvement of the previous series in many ways. For one, you can have full access of both Dark and Light force power. You can use the lighting hands or the force choke as often as you like without affecting your alignment as there will be none. The strength of your force skill will improve as you increase your experience along the way. Since you are a Jedi/Sith, you get to construct your own light Sader from the hilt to the blade with any color of crystal you collected throughout the game and other bonus attack attribute.

But what make this game rocks for me is the storyline. After Knight of the old Republic, this is another story which I felt is way better than the Clone Wars and all that stuff. If this is made to a movie or animation, it will surely rocks.


desmond said…
Leon, it is definitely a good game to all Star Wars fans. I had finished completing the story mode and unleased mode..Haha!!
LEon said…
I completed the story a few times. As for the unleashed I finish it but not order 66 tho...
desmond said…
Same here, completed few times for story modes. Now left 4 colour light saber crystal..haha..Ya, order 66 is a bit tough but try to avoid fighting with those big monsters and stay away some distance from them and at the same time, use your electronic power to hit them or use your lightsaber to block their power gun blasters (will hit themselves with their own powers)..Have to run here and there..No choice!!
lostinarc said…
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Merry Christmases..
LEon said…
Thanks for the tip will try again when I'm free. :)

Thanks for visiting too. Merry Christmas.

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