Buzz Brain Bender on PSP

Video game had long been labeled and criticized as Mindless violence but not anymore. Introducing a PSP game just for training your Brain, Buzz Brain Bender! This is one game that parents would love to see their kid play.

Normally you would think such brain training would be a boring but not with this game. This is FUN!

It has training mode for specific training on some areas of the brain, a Test mode to see how strong overall is your brain and Challenge Mode for those who want harder challenges. If you can choose the Brain Battle up to six players. With all your challenges, you will be collecting some Boffin Awards too.

So just how do they train your brain? The four area of your brain include Observation, Memory, Analysis and Calculation. It will keep score of your training result and in time you can see your improvement during the game.

Under each category you will have another 4 games for testing. With training, you can expect to see results. It is all about condition of the mind.

The Good
- You need not worry about written languages as all the test will be in pictures and numbers only.
- The voicing of the guy in white coat make it more like a game show.

The Bad
- The speech by white coat guy can be repeating and irritating at times during the game.
- As it is time base, your reflexes plays a big part when choosing your answers in the game.

On the whole, this game is what can called it a Edutainment for all age group. Gals like this game too.


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