Ben 10 Alien Force on PSP

The second installment of kids' popular action cartoon Ben 10 returns on PSP.

Grandpa went missing and more Aliens had appear but on the bright side, Ben is not alone. Gwen and Kelvin (yes his ex-arch nemesis) are there to help him out. Together they have to face the alien forces.

Ben return with a new batch of Alien form. However only 5 of them were included in the game. They are Swampfire, Big Chill, Spidermonkey, Jet Ray and Humungousaur. With each Alien forms comes each unique abilities which is vital to get thru some parts of the game. With a experience collected from defeating of enemies, Ben get to upgrade and learn new skills for various Alien's form.

Ben is not the only fighter. The player gets to play as Gwen and Kelvin in certain part of game. Surprised to know that Gwen can fight? Well so do I.

Leveling up the characters is not a problem but there are some down side of the game. Individual stages are lengthy and although the option of saving game is there, you only get to save your character experiences and not where you are at that point of time. That itself is not suitable for a portable game console.

At various point of time some players may become lost by not knowing how to get thru on some levels because the player may not know the tactics and what to do. That will take some time and patience to get thru those stages. Despite the lengthy stages, the game is short in chapter. Like all games, some extra goodies will be unlocked after you completed certain levels.

Overall for Ben 10 fans, this game could be something for you to shout about. If you are not a fan that will be a different case. By the way, I'm not really into Ben 10 but my little nephew is all thanks to the Cartoons Network...


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