Answers: Who's that Transformers Quiz 1

Here's the answer! Most of you got it right! Guess it is too simple...

Congrats to LittlePlasticMan, KazeTora and desmond! You guys are truly Transformers Animated fan! Hehehe

Watch out for this figure (I know I will). He should be one of the kind.


KazeTora said…
wee! Okay, let's go McDonald and help me pay with ezlink again. Lol.
desmond said…
Paiseh Leon! I am really not a transformer fan. It's just happened I received an email from the toy store this morning. So...Haha!!
LEon said…
@kazeTora: we shall go mac one day :)

@desmond: you are one step closer to a fan of transformer. :D

@littlePlasticMan: Join KazeTora and me to mac? :P

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